Thursday, 1 January 2009

ultra ruin

The Future Pavilion was part of the Taiwan Design Expo 2005 in Kaoshioung. The Future Pavilion was a ruin. Ruin is when man-made has become part of nature.

The ruin of an abandoned Japanese army laundry building was divided into 4 sectors, each with invited artists and architects to deal with the themes of Urban Acupuncture, Urban Nomad, Organic Layer and Ocean.

The exhibition was curated by Nikita Wu and Marco Casagrande for Taiwan Design Centre.

Nikita Wu
Marco Casagrande
Sakura Iso

Future Pavillion. Drawing Marco Casagrande, 2005.

Organic Layer

Organic is what is alive. Architecture comes alive when ruined. Cities are ruined by people.

Yoshio Kato
Jun-Hong Kao


Everything changes except one: from the water becomes a plant.
- Kari Peitsamo, Finland

August Künnapu

Urban Acupuncture

First we determine the energy flows of the collective subconscious of a city. Then we determine the acupuncture points to react on this urban chi. Then we determine the needle.

Ti-Nan Chi
Vilen Künnapu

Urban Nomad

Free movement harvesting the urban narrative. Eat the city, dress the city, ride the city. Nomads have always concored the static city.

Wei-Li Yeh
Chun-Cheng Hsu
August Künnapu